Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Cards

Yesterday we all sat down to work on our Christmas cards for this year. I had the Mr. bring home some card stock and envelopes for us to use from work. And the kids and I went to work. 

Jael decided she wanted to do embroidered cards. She had seen some in the store she really liked so we decided to try it. First I had her make a simple drawing that I taped over the cards.

Then I went around it with an embroidery needle making holes for her to sew through.

After I made all the holes I removed the drawing from the card. This is what it looked like.

Then I set her up with a needle and some embroidery floss.

She really enjoyed making these. And they turned out quite nicely.

Ezra wasn't in much of a mood for pictures yesterday. But I managed to get one out of him. For his card he just wanted to draw gingerbread men, or what he called his "crazy" gingerbread men.

Does this gingerbread man look crazy?

Mateos made hand print Christmas tree cards. I was really impressed with him because these took a good bit of time to make and had a few steps. No small feat for a three year old.

First we painted his hand green. And made a print on the card.

Then he painted the trunks.

 After that had dried Mateos drew some lines across the tree for lights.

Then he glued on some tissue paper balls for ornaments.

Then a glitter star for the top of the tree was necessary.

He was really proud of his work.

 Now I've just got to start addressing them so we can put them in the mail.

Until next time......

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  1. What creative cards with beautiful results!

  2. I've done some similar embroidered cards (that I would like to sell in my etsy shop ... if I can ever get the thing up and running someday!). I just love the way they look. So simple and yet they were obviously labored over with time and love. The boys' cards look great, too!