Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A visit to "The Tree"

Since we still live relatively close to the city we decided to take a trip in over the weekend to visit the Rockefeller Center Tree. My parents and sisters came in along with my nephew. Isn't he just so freaking cute?

But for some reason we seemed to have forgotten that Rockefeller plaza is crazy packed this time of year. You would think that after living in NY for 10 years we would remember things like this. So these are the only pictures we got of the tree. It was literally like being in a mosh pit full of tourists.

Thankfully the kids didn't seem to mind not getting a close look at the tree. Although, Jael did see someone proposing which she found really interesting. After getting out of the crowds we all headed to a well-loved French restaurant.

The weather was also blessedly mild so we engaged in an impromptu photo shoot.

Of course we couldn't all manage to stand still at the same time. Oh well :)

Until next time.....


  1. Wow, that was packed with people!
    Looks like you & your family had a lovely time.
    I haven't been to NYC in December in years, but I enjoyed each time I went. Funny, I forgot about the crowds of people as well...

  2. Such fun! I love the photo with the bread and cheese (someone's hungry here) and the last picture - it's full of life.

  3. This is probably going to make me sound like a small-town Midwesterner (which I guess I am) but there's something so incredibly glamorous about Christmastime New York -- that huge tree and the lights and all the people in their fancy winter coats (maybe I've just seen too many old Christmas movies). I love the family-in-motion photo!