Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Trimmings

Sometimes I marvel at the little things that make me happy, especially around this time of year. After we went and got our tree today, I had the Mr. bring down all our Christmas decorations from the attic. And I was overjoyed to see this.

Nothing I didn't already know was in those boxes. But the sight of pretty glass bulbs waiting to be dusted off and hung put such a smile on my face. So I immersed myself in lights, ribbons, and ornaments. Carefully choosing where each item would go, because I want it to be beautiful. I want to watch little faces light up when they come downstairs in the morning.

Because for the rest of the month we're going to be gathering around this tree; reminiscing over Christmases past and making new memories.

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Until next time.....


  1. beautiful. this year i let the kids trim the tree and left it in it's unbalanced glory.

  2. Oh, I know what you mean! I get excited too, even though I know exactly what I'll be finding since I'm the one who packed up a year ago! LOL!

    Your first photo looks like a Christmas card - great job!

    I'm stopping by from The Little List's {inhabit}. I hope you'll do the same! You can find mine @

    Sofia's Ideas

  3. What a beautiful, plump tree! We decorate ours as a family with a hodge podge of sentimental ornaments. I love the tradition, but I do miss the glamorous trees of my own youth. I'm sure your children glowed with wonder upon waking to such sparkle.

    Love the valance as well! I hope to find some more peeks into your beautiful home as I wander around. So thankful that {inhabit} led me here.