Thursday, October 14, 2010

Busy Week = Monster Post

So it’s been a busy week. Although I could probably start every post with that statement, this week it was especially true, school wise at least. I love home schooling but I’m learning that it becomes a whole different ball game as the kids get older. One of the great things about schooling at home is the freedom to adapt with your children and arrange school to meet their individual needs. 

My oldest is now doing a completely different curriculum than the younger two. She just happened to be the more analytical and self-motivated of the bunch and wanted a more structured learning environment. Things have been really great with her new curriculum which is completely computer based. She’s also skipped a grade so the work is challenging and engaging. 

But let me tell you, I was not prepared for the amount of reports a third grader has to write. We just finished a science report on minerals yesterday. She was totally into it, I kept reminding myself that I was now old enough to have a child that knew the difference between lime and magnesium. I'm pretty sure that it's a milestone when your kids start learning things you have to *try* and remember.

But enough of that, we did some other fun stuff too.

We all headed out to pick up some more pumpkins at a little farm stand we had never visited before. There's actually a farm really close to us that we usually go to but the Mr. and I decided it would be fun to switch things up this year. And we were quite pleased with the result.

We all found exceptionally large and colorful pumpkins. There was also a barn sale that I couldn't help but check out. So the kids happily played around while the Mr. tried to get them to pose for some photos. And as you can see Jael was into it, but the boys, not so much.

After weighing and paying for our pumpkins we headed over to the local creamery to pick up some crusty bread and yummy cheese.

Grandma and Aunt R. stopped by to pick up the oh so anticipated invitation to our Halloween party. I may have to do an additional post dedicated to my love of this years invite. It's the best one I've made so far, if I do say so myself.

They really seemed to like it as well.

Yes the invitation is a vampire hunting kit hidden in a hallowed out copy of Dracula. I was totally inspired by this crazy cool halloween invite.

But after we had fawned over that enough Aunt R. took the kids out to play while I cooked one of Jael's favorite dishes.

*Photo courtesy of Aunt R.*

Not bad considering the cook (me) is a vegetarian. And we all sat down to enjoy an impromptu family dinner. Which I don't have any good pictures of because we were all too busy eating. Which is as it should be I suppose.

But now I really must run because today is National Dessert Day! Come back later though for a post on how we celebrated and maybe a tasty gluten free recipe.

Until nest time.......


  1. That Halloween Invite was unrivaled! Absolutely stupendous, you really should do a post on it. utterly twee pictures of Ezra :)

    Hey, did you get my letter of acceptances yet?

  2. i am now following you:)I love your blog!!
    check mine out sometime just started and i am in need of followers and some tips on bloging:/

  3. Love it! Great blog...I'll be checking often. Love those "great" grandkids!!!!!