Thursday, November 4, 2010


Sometimes sweet, usually silly. Watching them together makes me smile. One of those inward ones born of contentment. Ezra was three when we traveled across the Atlantic to Addis Abba to meet his brother for the first time. Mateos was a shell shocked one year old taken from everything familiar by a funny looking woman who was now calling herself mama.

From the beginning, Ezra's gentle disposition and affectionate nature drew Mateos out of his shell. When Mateos cries Ezra usually does too. And when Ezra tickles him Mateos always laughs. People still sometimes ask if they are brothers when we are out. My heart always constricts at this question. Worried that this may be the day they understand why people might assume they are not. Thankfully that day hasn't come yet even though I know it eventually will. For now they just smile and answer yes.

Growing up with only sisters has given me an appreciation for the bond between brothers. They can fight tooth and nail one moment and be off on an adventure the next.

It's moments like this that make me feel so grateful to be their mother.

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  1. Thank you for sharing a little of your beautiful adoption story.

    It's funny, I grew up with a brother, had almost all boy cousins, and now have 3 sons. Their dynamic is amazing to me... like you said, fighting one minute, off on a "mission" the next... so happy you get to enjoy this special relationship too. Now if I could just get someone to ask me to have a tea party...