Friday, November 12, 2010


This week saw us starting some Thanksgiving themed books and crafts. We've been reading,

It's a chapter book so each day we've read a few. Since this story got us thinking and talking about the things we are thankful for I decided that we should make a thankful centerpiece for our craft.

I grabbed one of the less attractive pumpkins I had laying around and began craving like I would for a jack o lantern. I also added a P for our last name.

Once it was all cleaned out I took some flower foam and cut it down to fit into the pumpkin.

Now that the grown up part was done the kids gathered some fall foliage to decorate our pumpkin with.

We just added until it looked full enough. Using the foam to hold the sticks into place.

Then we painted some wooden skewers brown so they would match our fall colors.

I helped them attach some dried leaves onto the sticks when they were dry.

Then the kids wrote out a couple of things they were thankful for. Then we cut it out and pasted our thankful lists onto the dried leaves.

Our thankful leaves were added to the bouquet. Which we're now enjoying on the dining room table.

The things the kids decided to write were quite interesting. Jael was thankful for her home and family. Ezra was thankful for being born, it was too cute when he said that, art and school. Mateos was thankful for his first mother and fruit snacks. I'm planning on having them add more thankful leaves as we get closer to Thanksgiving.

Until next time.....

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  1. I love that idea! What a beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece that will make. It always makes me smile when I hear children list things they are thankful for -- they so often appreciate good things most grown-ups take for granted.

  2. This is great way to reuse a pumpkin. I love all the great ideas the kids came up with.

    Thanks for linking to Read.Explore.Learn.